Tried something different. 😊 Also.. low key made @shaymitchell look like @kyliejenner 😂 #fashionillustration #fashionart #fashionillustrator #fashiondrawing #procreate #photoshop #shaymitchell #ootd


Just sipping on my creative juice letting my magic brew 🧃✨. There are so many quotes out there about how an essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail. I can’t say I agree - I think, for most of us anyway, it’s about being afraid BUT DOING IT ANYWAY. It’s about persistently exploring the curiosity while the shackles of fear try to constrain you, hold you down, and whisper their lies to you. That is why CREATIVES ARE BRAVE. They share the same fears as everyone else - that they aren’t good enough, that they don’t deserve it, that other people won’t like what they share, etc., but despite (and maybe in spite) of that fear they CHOOSE TO SHARE THEIR GIFTS WITH THE WORLD ANYWAY. So here’s your reminder that it’s okay to be afraid but it’s your choice to let that fear dictate your life and hold you back. Choose to challenge it. Choose to grind away at those shackles until all that’s left is dust. The residue of fear may still be there but it won’t have the same power over you. Give a high five bellow to a CREATIVE you think is brave to encourage them to keep on keepin on 🖐🏻


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